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Art & Science

‘A Drawing for the Fabrica and Some Thoughts on the Vesalius Muscle-Men’, Medical History, XIV, 1970, pp. 277-88

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‘Hidden Dimensions’, ‘tate’. The Art Magazine, 13, 1997, pp. 40-4.

‘Art and Science’, 28 articles in weekly series in Nature from 23 October 1997, to 30 April 1998 (essays on topics from the Renaissance to now)

‘Science and Image’, 36 articles in weekly series in Nature from 7 May 1998 to Dec 1998 (essays on the visual aspects of the sciences from the Renaissance to now; see also below)

‘‘Palissy’s Philosophical Pots: ceramics, grottos and the “Matrice” of the earth’, Le origini della Modernità, ed. W. Tega, 2 vols., Florence, 1999, pp. 69-88

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with Debora Schultz, ‘Us and Them, This and That, Here and Trere, Now and Then: Collecting, Classifying and Creating’, Strange and Charmed. Science and the Contemporary Visual Arts, ed. S. Ede, London, 2000, pp.84-103.

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Visualizations: the Nature Book of Art and Science (based on articles for Nature), 2000, Oxford University Press and University of California Press (also in German)

with Marina Wallace, Spectacular Bodies. The Art and Science of the Human Body from the Renaissance to Now, book for exhibition at Hayward Gallery in London , University of California Press, 2000.

‘Vedere lo spazio e misurare le immagini: Brunelleschi e la prospettiva urbana’, La Cattedrale come spazio sacro (Atti del VII centenario del Duomo di Firenze, vol. II, pt. 2), ed. T. Verdon and A, Innocenti, Florence, 2001, pp. 661-72.

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with Antonio Criminisi and Sing Bing Kang, “Reflections of Reality in Jan van Eyck and Roger Campin”, Historical Methods, III, 2004, pp. 109-21.

“From science in art to the art of science”, Nature, 434, 17 March 2005, pp. 308-9, also as Supplement: artists on science; scientists on art.

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Acts of Seeing. Artists, Scientists and the History of the Visual. A volume dedicated to Martin Kemp, ed. Assimina Kaniari and Marina Wallace, Zidane Press, London, 2009 (with small contributions from MK)

“Style and Non-Style in Aanantomical Illustration: from Renaissance Humanism to Henry Gray, Journal of Anatomy, 216, 2010, pp. 192-208.

‘Science and Culture’, continuing series of monthly articles in Nature from Jan 1999 (continuation of column begun in 1997).

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