NHS – Immigration – Virus

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The MRI scan of my back was set up by someone of Asian ancestry. The scan was made by someone of (probably) far eastern ancestry. Both the NHS physiotherapists were of Asian ancestry. The local post office is run by a husband and wife of Asian ancestry (who are trying to get me a large bag of rice from the cash and carry since the Co-op is not coping with shelf-strippers). The local store and newsagents is run by a family of Asian ancestry. The ‘Indian’ restaurant is doing take-aways… and so on.

They have been pleasant, helpful and professional. They are essential members of our community and are at risk in the frontline.

And yet we read of the Home Office refusing to fast-track or register qualified practitioners and willing workers who do not fit with their hostile immigration rules. An organisation like the Home Office can be collectively racist even if the individual members are not. The net effect of procedures and criteria, with each person/department protecting their own backs, in the face of their political masters and tabloid press, is racist.

This is a time when we can all show our friendship and gratitude to who have chosen to join and participate in our community.