Power for the powerful

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The widely recognised failure of the major parties in the UK to offer significant change to to our increasingly broken system is well recognised. Alternative voices struggle to be heard.

All the major traditional vehicles for the expression of opinions play to the status quo. This includes the BBC (see George Monbiot’s analysis in today’s Guardian: 

The world economic and media systems remorselessly favour:
power for the powerful;
privilege for the privileged;
property for the propertied;
education for the educated;
culture for the cultured;
voices for the voiced;
money for the monied;
food for the well-fed.

Please add to the list.

I am of course part of this system, like most of my few readers I imagine.

Some internet voices provide alternative ways of being heard – Avaaz, 38 Degrees, Change, Greenpeace, Compassion in World Farming…  They are not the big answer, but they do provide a way for like-minded people whose voices are lost in the present system to come together and to erode the pernicious power of intersecting establishments.

I have joined the Green Party, not because I agree with all their policies, but because in the current state of flux they can provide a focus for those who regard UKIP as poisonous, and the other parties as failing to provide alternatives.