Computer Disaster

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Last Wednesday I lost EVERYTHING on my computer. Three hours of striving with Apple Help did not help.I was advised at the end to erase everything if I wanted to use the computer again. Clicking ‘erase all’ felt like electronic suicide. Some major things (including banks of visual images and presentations) had been backed-up on flash drives, but not lots of business and recent things like the notes and visuals for a new book on Firing the Canon (more on that anon).  I have started all over again with new OS, software, email etc etc. Not the least irksome thing is to loose so many passwords.

There is something uniquely numbing about such massive electronic losses. If I loose a book or a file of papers or whatever, the process of loss apparent (even if I can’t quite reconstruct precisely what happened) and limited to the specific loss or losses. Being totally hollowed out by some mysterious and silent catastrophe inside the slim metal box induces a special kind of helplessness. 

The plus is that I have lost oceans of obsolete ‘stuff’ and have lost a space on the hard disk. It also gives me an excuse (in the shortish term) to blame anything  I have not done on the computer failure.

Anyway, I live to fight another day (to use a cliché which might not be tasteful in present circumstances). I have, by the way, been Pfizered, as I explained earlier.

I am now going to update this website after its redesign by Julie Hill. For some reason, the CV on here is years out-of-date. Maybe I will be encouraged to blog and enter news on a more regular basis. But don’t hold your breath.