In the wake of the recent local and mayoral elections, it is clear that everyone who is not in the circa 30% of those who vote Tory is effectively disenfranchised under first-past-the-post system. The Labour Party has lost all coherence and alienated its core votes (once called ‘working class’), and is not a credible party of government. The smaller parties will pick up increasing shares of the non-Tory votes without making serious inroads into the Tory vote. The Greens will gain locally, as the Liberals tend to do, but not at the national level. It is not impossible to envisage a scenario in which the Tories attract (say) 30% of the vote with Labour attracting 20%, Liberals 20%, Greens 20%, Others 10%, with the non-Tories gaining a not a single seat. This of course is an extreme scenario, but it does demonstrate that the present system does not work now there is no binary system of 2 large parties. I will vote Green. You may say that this is a wasted vote. I am saying that every vote for a party other than the Tories is in effect a wasted vote under FPTP for parliamentary elections  And there is no chance of electoral reform, for obvious reasons. Profoundly depressing.