BBC and the gutter press


BBC and the gutter press

Bashir behaved in a totally unacceptable manner in faking a bank account for the Diana interview. The BBC investigation was inadequate, and his re-hiring astonishing.

But the media reaction, particularly of the Murdoch press, has been sanctimonious and hypocritical to a supreme degree. Dirty tricks are the lifeblood of his tabloids. Look at the “Hacked Off’ website to see how much fake news and corrupt practices are perpetrated by Murdoch’s outlets. It’s not the greatest website, but will give an idea of what is happening:


There is a continuous flow of phone tappings and other misdemeanours that the tabloids are trying to cover up / pay off. We must not allow the Bashir story to become an excuse for mangling the BBC. It is not perfect but it is immeasurably the best broadcast source we have. 

I made a typo – Mud rock for Murdoch. O maybe it wasn’t a typo.